How to prevent accidents at home

August 23, 2017

Domestic accidents could be prevented!

For seniors, the prevention could much reduce the occurrence of accidents, avoiding serious injuries like concussions, broken bones and even worse.

Here are some tips to help prevent falls:

  • Check regularly floor surface to ensure it is dry
  • Keep floors clear of tripping hazards like shoes and toys
  • Use non-slippery mats in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Improve lighting in household area to illuminate the path
  • Pay attention for the length of pants and shirts to make sure they are not too long
  • Encourage your loved one to walk slowly and carefully
  • Install assistance devices like grab bars in showers. Also, make sure the bathroom door opens outwards.
  • Keep everything the elderly person uses on a regular basis within easy reach.

Other great options that you can do to help your loved one is to encourage exercises. More tips on healthy exercises for seniors in our future posts.

Remember: when we are talking about domestic accidents, a simple action can avoid injuries. Keep an eye always open to see opportunities to avoid accidents.