Our Team

Carla Leon

President & CEO

Success comes from collaboration. Partnering and building a strong network is how we are going to transform home care.

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Sarah Bowder

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah works hard behind the scenes to ensure that everyone connected with Just Like Family thrives.

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Jeff Szeto

Chief Financial Officer

Committed to using finance for good by supporting high growth organizations in the ESG space.

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Gordialin Ferguson

Vice President, Franchise Development

Nurturing dreams, expanding opportunities, and creating a ‘family’ of compassionate entrepreneurs who care, just like family.

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Tom Auger

Chief Technology Officer

Dedicated to technical pursuits that bring true social and cultural value into the world.

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Alana Breen

Operations Manager

Her passion lies in empowering others, building relationships, and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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Maria Lopez

Franchisee Onboarding

Maria works closely with franchise owners to help them implement systems and processes to ensure their business thrives.

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