Helping you live a full life

Safety, support, and peace of mind for seniors.

To us, senior companionship means more than a quick chat while providing other services. Our caregivers provide a sense of friendship and support, helping seniors with activities they enjoy. 

We’re here to build a genuine relationship with your loved one whether at home, hospital, or elsewhere.

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Like all of our home care plans, senior companionship services are customized to meet your unique needs.

Activities seniors enjoy means more than just doing puzzles. We will get to know your loved one and find fun and engaging activities based on their individual interests.

Going on outings to events and activities your loved one will enjoy that suit their abilities. A companion can also offer mobility assistance and transportation.

Walks with a companion ensure your loved one gets fresh air and activity while remaining safe.

Visitors can vary from old friends to an electrician. Having someone there your loved one trusts ensures safety and provides enouragement.

Medical appointments are a regular part of most older family members’ routines. A companion can drive them to regular appointments and stay with them for assurance and support.

Grocery shopping can be an overwhelming errand as you get older. Hiring a companion gives your loved one someone to drive them, help them shop and check out, and help unload the groceries at home.

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