Memory-Sharing Activities for Seniors and their Loved Ones

July 19, 2022

Memory is one of life’s most precious gifts. And as our loved ones go through the aging process, especially those experiencing the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can be challenging for both them and their family members when they find their memory is fading over time.

But no one ever has to face it alone. And not only can sharing fond memories help stimulate recollection, it may also contribute to slowing the progression of short-term and long-term memory loss, and even aid in memory recovery.

So the next time you’re together, take a little time to reminisce. Here are five of our favourite personal memory-sharing activities to try.

1) Go Through an Old Photo Album

An old photo album can be a treasure trove. Sitting down and opening one or two together is a chance to take a trip through old baby photos, school pictures, wedding portraits, family trips, and so much more. Share and retell the stories they trigger, and enjoy the wonderful bonding experience.

2) Practice Family Traditions

Embrace your family’s little traditions — even ones you haven’t upheld in a while. Take a few hours to bake, cook or buy a family favourite to have around the table, make a seasonal decoration together… whatever your little ritual may be, make it a focus of your day.

3) Revisit a Keepsake

Take a look at an old keepsake that your loved one holds dear. Which items have they saved on the shelf, and why? Did they hold onto mementos from their own childhoods, wedding gifts or travel souvenirs? What about a favourite piece of clothing from the back of the closet? Ask them about the stories behind their treasures.

4) Listen to Their Favourite Music

Music can trigger so many emotions and memories. Listening to your loved one’s favourite music together can spark a lot of nostalgia, and get them talking about the different personal or world events they associate with each song or album.

5) Take Photos and Record Videos

When you’re visiting with your loved one or going on an outing, try to remember to reach for your camera or phone and capture a few photos or videos together. Then on future visits, scroll through the pictures or rewatch the videos from the last time you were together. This can help them recollect people, events and places, and help them with cementing newer memories in their mind.

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