August 28, 2023

Caring for others is a natural part of life. Whether we are looking after a child with a cold, a relative recovering from surgery, or a chronically disabled friend, the experience is both rewarding and challenging.

According to statistics, about 1 in 4 Canadians are caregivers to a family member with a chronic or long-term health condition, with more than half of the caregivers being women. Most of these caregivers also work 30 or more hours each week at a full time job. Trying to balance their own needs on top of their jobs and the hours spent caring for others, many people become overwhelmed and burn out. Respite services is a wonderful opportunity for caregivers to prioritize their own wellbeing.

What Are Respite Services?

Respite care provides short-term temporary relief for primary caregivers. Having a professional caregiver to tend to your loved one offers a much-needed break from demanding responsibilities, allowing you to recharge, take care of personal needs/appointments, or simply take time to rest. This break helps prevent burnout while ensuring your loved one receives quality support during your absence. Knowing your loved one is being cared for with compassion means you can have peace of mind.

How Do Respite Services Work?

There are various forms of respite care: care at home, day programs, or at assisted-living facilities. 

For those who are living at home, having a professional caregiver come to them is convenient and allows them to maintain routine. The caregiver can provide companionship, personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, and more. Care at home is a flexible option that can be designed to suit everyone’s needs. It can be short- or long-term, during the day or overnight, and can include tasks normally done by the primary caregiver.

Day programs offer a variety of programming and activities that provide caregivers with a short break and allow seniors a chance to connect with peers in a social setting. This is a great option for caregivers who require a short break to attend appointments.

Short-term assisted living provides respite for up to several weeks while your loved one stays in an apartment, room, or suite and is cared for by trained staff.  These facilities may have social get-togethers, hair salons, gyms, and more.

Benefits of Respite Services

Regardless of the type of respite care used, the benefits are numerous. Caring for others is a selfless act, but it can take a toll on one’s physical and mental health. Taking a break from caregiving duties can provide:

  • Physical and Emotional Renewal
    Caring for someone can be physically and emotionally draining. Respite care allows the caregiver to rest, recover, and regain their strength.
  • Reduced Stress
    Taking a break from caregiving responsibilities can significantly reduce stress levels, allowing caregivers to return with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of purpose.
  • Enhanced Wellbeing
    Caring for others is one of the most selfless acts. Caring for yourself is an important part of being able to offer compassion to others. Respite care empowers caregivers to prioritize their own health and wellness.

Respite care doesn’t only benefit the caregiver; it provides an opportunity for your loved one to experience new interactions, activities, and a change of routine. This can be a wonderful way to enrich their emotional and mental wellbeing.

How to Find Respite Care

Finding the solution that best meets the needs of both the caregiver and their loved one is vital for peace of mind. You want to ensure your loved ones are in the best hands so you can focus on your own needs without worry.

When you are looking for care at home, some important questions to ask are:

  • What duties can the caregiver perform?
  • Are there minimum hours or a minimum duration of care?
  • Is transportation available?
  • How far in advance should services be scheduled?
  • What training does the caregiver have?
  • How are caregivers screened?

At Just Like Family Home Care, we offer trusted, reliable Respite Care. Whether you need care for a day or a month, we can help. You can see our list of services by clicking here and find out more about our caregivers by getting in touch with your local branch. We understand the importance of your peace of mind and treat your loved ones like members of our own family.

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