December 8, 2023

For most of us, the holiday season seems to arrive suddenly and we scramble to finish shopping, errands, and the plethora of to-dos just in time to start the cleaning, cooking, and chaos. While we try to check items off our lists, finding the perfect gift for our older loved ones can present (see what I did there? 😂) certain challenges. Many of us find that our relatives seem to have everything they need and have nothing to put on their wish lists. At Just Like Family Home Care, we are more than home care—we are also holiday heroes! We have a list to help you find the perfect gifts for the seniors in your life.

Boredom-Buster Gifts for Seniors

Winter can be a particularly challenging time for seniors to get outside, so giving the gift of some fun and entertainment can keep your loved one smiling during those cold, snowy months.


Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces or a simple word-search, puzzles are a fun and relaxing way to sharpen your memory and problem-solving skills. Doing jigsaw puzzles actually exercises both sides of your brain at the same time. We call that a big win!


Setting up an ongoing subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. There are plenty of services to choose from. For the music lover, a music streaming service means access to thousands of songs. For someone who loves to read, a magazine subscription or e-book subscription will provide them with endless hours of engagement. An audiobook subscription is great for those who find reading a challenge. The possibilities are endless!


Another category with seemingly infinite choices is technology. A tablet can come in handy for keeping in touch and playing games, while a smartphone has the added advantage of increasing safety. E-readers are great for those who love to read, as you can borrow books directly from many libraries and the ability to increase the font size makes reading more accessible to those experiencing vision challenges.

Making Life a Bit Easier for Seniors

As we age, some frequent tasks or activities can become more difficult. Making every day a bit easier for our loved ones is a wonderful way to show how much we care. There are great gifts available for any budget.

For those with stiff or Arthritic hands, seemingly simple tasks like tying shoelaces can become too difficult to accomplish. Items like elastic shoelaces, zipper pulls, and even automatic jar openers make great gifts that will be used almost every day. Or perhaps you have a card-shark in your family who could use a playing card holder to continue beating you… every time. 

If mobility is a challenge for your loved one, items such as a couch arm organizer, a foldable cane, or a shoe horn can make life a bit easier. For those with larger budgets, a power lift chair for the senior in your life is sure to be a “wow”! You might feel inclined (did it again! 😉) to try it out yourself. 

Tasks such as cleaning and making meals may be part of most people’s everyday life, but providing a break for your loved one is sure to be appreciated. Hiring a house-cleaning service or signing up for a meal subscription are unique—yet practical—gifts anyone, regardless of age, is sure to appreciate.

Comfort Gifts for Seniors

A little comfort can go a long way, especially as we age and our bodies change. Why not wrap your loved one in a big, comforting hug—both figuratively and literally?

As we age, our ability to stay warm decreases for a variety of reasons. Add in some sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian winter and it can feel downright impossible to get—and stay—warm. Gifts such as a wheelchair blanket, cozy wrap or shawl (with pockets to make life easier!) or some cozy non-slip socks will provide your loved one with some added comfort and warmth. You could pair a cozy item with a Light Therapy Lamp to help take the gloom out of the grey days and ensure your loved one is getting sufficient Vitamin D, which has numerous benefits for seniors.

For the Sentimental Senior

Some of the best gifts are not “practical” items at all. What better way to show your love than a unique item of sentimental value? There are so many to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favourites.

Personalized ornaments: No matter your preference, there are personalized ornaments available in almost any style. You can go for the classic globe-style ornament with a name and date or something with a funny twist for the person who loves to fish!

Photo book: In the age of digital cameras, we tend not to print out many of our photos. Creating a family photo book for your loved ones is a thoughtful keepsake they are sure to treasure. There are lots of different ways to create your book, some of which you can find here.

Recordable book from grandkids: Who doesn’t love to hear the sweet sound of children reading aloud? With their adorable pronunciation and little voices, it’s impossible not to stop, stay still, and listen intently as they proudly read a story. Recordable books are a great way to capture the moment in time and give a precious, thoughtful gift to the grandparents.

Life memories journal: This can be a twice-giving gift. The journal itself is sure to be appreciated, but what better way to make it truly impactful than by giving the gift of time as well? If you are able, spending the time with your loved one, reminiscing and helping them fill out the journal, is sure to be the best gift of all—for you both.

Although the holidays can feel like a busy, stressful time, finding the perfect gifts for seniors shouldn’t feel like a chore. Hopefully the ideas above have inspired you to think outside the box (yes, I did it again! 🤣) this year. Keep in mind that gift-giving shouldn’t be stressful; there is nothing more precious we can give to our loved ones than time. However, if it’s in the budget and you want to add in a power lift chair, we’re sure you won’t get any complaints!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from our Family to yours!